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07 July 2006

How To Associate Objects to a Cache Manager Programmatically

Got objects?

Zope offers a caching framework with some cache managers available "out of the box". Your friendly Zope documentation tells you how to add a cache manager in the ZMI and associate objects with it. Since my site setup for our application is done from python code, I want this automated. All I needed was a tiny bit of digging around in the Zope source code and here we go...

First step: Add a cache manager object. Depending on what we need (HTTP Cache Manager or RAM Cache Manager), our "add" method is a bit different. In this example we are going to use a HTTP Cache Manager to set the caching headers on uploaded images. Here is what we use ('assets' is the object where we add our stuff):

cache_manager_id = 'HTTPCacheManager'
if cache_manager_id not in assets.objectIds():

We throw the id of our cache manager into a variable, then check for its existence. If it's not around, we add it. Easy enough. Next step is to configure it:

settings = {'anonymous_only':0, 'interval':360000, 'notify_urls':()}
assets[cache_manager_id].manage_editProps('Cache Headers', settings=settings)

The "settings" dictionary is the same stuff that you can edit in the "Properties" tab of the cachemanager in the ZMI. Then we use the manage_editProps method to set this stuff (along with the title). After this we simply want to add all objects in this folder to be associated with this cache manager:

for ob in assets.objectValues():
    if getattr(ob.aq_explicit, '_isCacheable', 0) \
    and ob.getId() not in ['assets', cache_manager_id]:

This code gets all the objects in our folder (if you need another set of objects, this is obviously the place to change that). It then iterates over them and tests if the object can be cached and is not the cache manager itself. Then it sets the association with the cache on each object. And with that we're done.

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