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20 July 2006

Outdoor Party for Eleni's Greek Classes

Dancing in the night
The big view of the party

Went to a big student party, the last evening of Elenis Greek summer course (THYESPA). Students of Greek from all over the world. Had lots of fun, was even dancing and took some pix. Of course I'm shot today, and the file server failing this morning didn't help. Click on the montage pic for a bigger view and look inside for two more pictures...


People had a fun time dancing. The music was very diverse, but not really ecclectic. Sometimes the DJ made a big break in the music styles. Occasionally it threw people off. From light techno, passing R&B, Pop, slightly Rock, to Tsiftetelia, Syrtaki, ...

Before we went dancing ourselves we had some food and drink. Then we sat some more and chatted and had a view on the dancing scene taking off. Before the dance music started for real, there were some people singing.

More of the dancers

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