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23 July 2006

Get Notices on HelMUG Meetings

For Thessaloniki and Athens; also fixed monthly meetings in Athens

Mac users in Greece can now get advance notice of HelMUG's (the Greek Mac user group's) meetings. We've set up two announce mailing lists: Λίστα ενημέρωσης Δρώμενων Σωματείου - subscription for Thessaloniki and Athens. Since these lists are moderated and should carry only announcements, you don't have to fear getting too much mail from then.

In related news, at the last meeting in Athens, we agreed to have meeting fixed on the first Sunday of each month. Next one will be on the 6th of August, at the Café Ethnikon on Syntagma Square (11:30AM). Since there is free wifi reception on Syntagma, bringing your portable *book computer is a good idea.

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