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01 August 2006

Avoiding Dangerous Menu Logout

Don't send the server to sleep

With the HelMUG server (running Mac OS X Server 10.4) we once had the problem that one of us wanted to logout through VNC, but slipped onto the "Sleep" menu command in the Apple menu. The server went to sleep as told, and someone had to go to the rackfarm, connect a keyboard and wake the server up. A lot of trouble. Since then I always get half of a heart attack when I have to go to "Log out" through the Apple menu. I've solved that now: I'm avoiding going to the Apple menu at all for logout, I made a small AppleScript...

The script is very simple, actually just one line.

tell application "System Events" to log out
I've saved the script as an "Application", and placed that on my desktop. Now I can safely double click this and then confirm the logout.

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