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02 August 2006

On Board

We've reached the ship in time

Getting to the port in Lavrio was a bit of a nervous number this time. We prepared everything in time, got ready and packed up early. Then we took a taxi to Αμπελοκοιποι (Ambelokoipi), where we waited at the bus stop for the ΚΤΕΛ (KTEL) overland bus. Lot's of busses passed by, but not ours.

Finally we concluded that we should have taken the bus to Sounion, which stops at Lavrion too and had passed by before. Our next bus came one hour later, so we were a bit worried that we would miss the boat - the next one leaves in 2 days.

As if to counteract the information deficit that had caused us so much trouble, the ticket lady in our bus was very informative. She made sure we had the right bus right away. She also proclaimed stations loud. There were not many stops, so we made the ship without further pressure on our nerves.

Now we sit outside abovedecks. We're looking forward to another seagoing night under the stars, as we see the lights of Lavrion blink away ever further off.

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Re: On Board

Enjoy your vacation, Sascha!

Posted by: Reuven at August 03,2006 07:50
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