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08 August 2006

A Few Days Of Limnos

Lazy beach vacation, with a bad start

We're already in Limnos (and in the village Panagia) for a few days now. We arrived in Myrina from the Ship on Thursday morning. Went straight to the beach in Myrina, took a good swim. The sea was as calm as it ever gets, the water was warm and silken. Swimming was the real thing after a night on the ship. I had slept considerably well (outside, above deck), but my bones were slightly in disorder - too used to good, soft beds.

We bought some groceries (when I went to Panagia for the first times, getting vegetables was a problem, as the shops didn't stock every day). Then we took the bus across the island to our village. The bus driver stopped again and again for old people to get off near their homes. After a good tour of the island we got to Panagia, where the bus driver refused to make an extra stop for us too. So we loaded our bags and had to walk the small distance. Into the homely house we went, to clean up, unpack, let the vacation begin.

Meeting old friends

At noon I went to the kafeneion to say hello to my friends. Big smiles as a welcome, "how have you been?", "how are things here now?", "sit down and drink something!", and I'm back as if I had left yesterday. I had my first Ouzo, and we chatted along.

Ear problems

When I went back for my well deserved siesta, I felt a small headache. Not much, but after all I hadn't slept so much and had been drinking at noon. I lay down and found some sleep, only to wake up to more headache and ear pain. My ears were closed and I started to feel terrible. Looks like I had gotten too much wind on the ship. After a while the left ear cleared up, while the right ear got worse. I took some pain killer, put a bit of cotton with two drops of alcohol into the ear (to warm it up) and went to sleep again. In the morning all the pain was gone and I was lucky to have been left only with the ear being slightly "closed", a condition which is slowly going away too.

Lazy beach vacation

The next few days have been spent idling, visiting people, eating. Late in the evenings we were walking to the beach. The distance by foot is about half an hour. In past years I went there by bicycle in five minutes, but this time we are two of us and only one bicycle. We went late when the sun is only pleasantly warming, took our time and had a swim in the sea to cool us down afterwards. The first day the sea was again like a mirror. The water was mainly warm, with some flows of colder water inbetween.

We sat on the beach for a long time afterwards, watching as the colors of the sky and the sea changed as the sun went down behind the hills behind our backs. At one point the sea started to turn a rosy, orange color, mixed with light blue, almost illuminated against the darker horizon. A big waxing moon above that. I tried to take a picture, but a camera can only attempt to take a faint memory of such a moment.

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