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08 August 2006

Goodbye Little House

It's been a splendid time

Today is the last day, tonight is the last night for me in this little house. More than two years ago I came here in a helter skelter, had the chance to stay here (against a lot of odds) for half a year. My time in this quiet little house in the quiet little village helped my personal sanity a lot and all the sports I did back then (bicycle, running on the beach, swimming) helped me to get a little better relationship with my body. Last year I had another chance to come back for another month in the summer, and this year I came here for greek eastern and now for a short week in summer.

Tomorrow morning my lifeline and the lifeline of this little house will part. I'm not sad about it. Instead I'm thankfull for the time I've had and the good shelter I've been in. I got to appreciate both the oddities and the presents this house gave me, and I'll keep them in my memory.

I also got to know the village Panagia on Limnos. Another present. This is no paradise, the people here have their quarrels and their share of problems. But I got to know them a little bit during my time here and I got to like them. It's a good place to be and I'm looking forward to come here again. We will stay here for another three days in a rented room and then we will go on and visit another island: Samothraki, the island that I've seen so many times in the distance from here.

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