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13 August 2006

Under the Moon

Listen to the surf

We've slept our last night on Limnos on the beach, under the moon and the stars. Before falling asleep I was watching the shooting stars. The sleeping bags kept us warm, even the morning dew didn't disturb us. I slept sound and untroubled, but not long enough.

When the sun went up again, we walked back to the village. I saw the sun rise behind the little creek that runs to the beach (when there is rainfall, not now).

From the village the taxi took us to Myrina, where we are now aboard the F/B Παναγια Σουμελα (Panagia Soumela) to take us to Samothraki. I'm not yet really awake and unable to ingest solid food. Breakfast will have to wait and a bed and falling asleep again would be heaven.

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