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15 August 2006

A Day for our tired Feet in Samothraki

Don't walk!

Yesterday's mountain day wasn't as successfull as we had hoped. We had started a bit too late and were moving too slow, so we didn't make it all up to the top of the mountain. We reached a nice little spring at about 1000m, had a nice break with cool water and started our way back down. The path down was taxing on our limbs and we were very tired when we arrived on sea level - about 10 hours after we had started out...

I think I'll come back for the mountain. Today I've read that it would be a good plan to start in the afternoon, when the mountain slope is in the shade. Then sleep somewhere two thirds the way up and continue to the top early the next morning.

Yesterday evening we moved from the hippy camping place back to the harbor town of Καμαριώτισσα (Kamariotissa), where we were lucky to get a small, but nice and affordable room. Today we relax and nurse our tired limbs. We even cancelled a planned trip to Χώρα (Hora, the main town of the island), we'll do that tomorrow or so.

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Re: A Day for our tired Feet in Samothraki

Betabug my dear, just days before your depart for Limnos, you asked me for information about Olympos. Why you didn 't ask me about Fegari? This is a slighlty demanding mountain for a beginner, even in the peak of the summer. You cannot make it without some essential preparation and guidance. Have a nice trip on the summit of gods and be take care there!
Your friend,
Panos Libero

Posted by: libero at August 17,2006 23:07
Re: A Day for our tired Feet in Samothraki

Hey Panos!

Yes, Fegari was a short fused idea. It was nice, but I agree it would take better preparation. Unfortunately our feet are tired now and we will postpone going up Olympos for now. I think I will get back to Fegari another time, come better prepared and go up with a better timeframe.

See you again in Athens!

Posted by: betabug at August 18,2006 17:23
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