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18 August 2006

Sightseeing Thessaloniki

Hello White Tower

From Kavala (where the ferry boat delivered us) we arrived by KTEL bus in Thessaloniki. MacYannis of HelMUG fame picked us up at the round bus terminal. This morning he took is for a sightseeing walk all through the center of Thessaloniki. We passed by the roman agora, the Agios Dimitrios Church, the "Rotonda" church, Aristotelous square, the place where the cinema festival is held, the "white tower" (symbol of Thessaloniki) and many other places. I've been to Thessaloniki before, but back then we were busy to reinstall the HelMUG server with some other HelMUG people. One nice thing about this city is that the center offers all these historical places in walking distance.

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