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19 August 2006

Back Home By Night Train

Sleep, lots of sleep

Yesterday evening we boarded the night train from Thessaloniki to Athens. We had booked beds and hoped for a bit of sleep on the train, which was scheduled to leave at 23:45. When we boarded the train it was hot like a furnace, people crowded around the windows. We were quite late, so we hoped for a short wait and then some cooling down due to the driving wind...

But it got later and later and finally word got around that we would have 40 minutes delay to leave. After a while the air condition in the train was started. It took some while to develop some chill, but then we could lay down and wait more relaxed for the departure. But about a quarter of an hour after it got comfortable, the air condition stopped again. The train's locomotive was getting changed, so without power no air conditioning. It got hotter and hotter in our compartment. It started to get to the point where it wasn't bearable any more, when finally the replacement locomotive was hooked up and a bit later power returned. We left Thessaloniki and things cooled down considerably.

I've slept sweet and well cooled during the night. In fact I had to turn down the a/c a bit at some point, because it was getting way too cool again. We were woken up around 6:30 in the morning, right on time to pack up and get out at Athens "Σταθμός Λαρίσης" - "Larissa Train Station". The metro and bus system brought us and our heavy bags back home. I took a short shower and went back to sleep, a short but interesting vacation has come to an end, I'm back home.

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