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23 August 2006

Evening Swimming at Faliron

Walking the promenade for some fresher air
seawalk in Palaio Faliron, Athens

The last two evenings I went straight from work to the coastline at Παλαιόν Φάληρον (Palaion Faliron). First reason was a bit of relief from the heat we have right now in the city. Near the sea there is always a bit of fresh air. I went for a swim both evenings. Yes, I know, I know, old time Athenians always tell how bad the water quality is. In my experience the water quality has improved a lot. The sea isn't really absolutely clean, but in my opinion it's acceptable. The municipality of Faliron provides fresh water showers, so after the swim one can wash off the salt and any remainings of suspected dirt.

Oh to describe what joy a swim in the cool sea brings at the current temperatures. The body is relieved for some time from the stress of being boiled and fried alive. I splash around like a little child and then just float around, soaking up coolness (or disseminate all the accumulated heat from my body). The refreshened feeling persists all the time that I still sit at the beach.

After the swim we went for a promenade on the sea-walk from Faliron to my old neighborhood in Kalamaki. On Monday leaving the beach and going back next to the road, the heat hit me like a solid wall. It embraces the body like a python in a cheap horror movie, pulling and tightening. After a while we descended to another beach and I went for a second swim. Yesterday evening the temperature must already have been fallen by a couple of precious degrees and one single swim was enough for me. (As usual, click on the image for a bigger view.)

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