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17 February 2005

Low RAM Stories

Back when I swapped RAM around a lot

This piece about battery cycle count and RAM from w0lfshade reminded me about an old story. Back when I was at network, I had to shuffle a lot of RAM around from G3 and G4 machines, then install OS X on most of them. On one of them the OS X Installer CD surprised me.

In that one G3 (blue&white) I forgot to put one RAM stick in before installing the OS. Interesting enough the Mac OS X installer (10.2 Jaguar) did start even though there were only 96 or 64MB RAM in the box (I don't remember the exact configuration). But the installer worked in ultra slow motion and the hard disk would probably have melted had I not stopped the install. I think it took me 5 minutes to notice and the installer was still loading some intro screen.

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