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21 September 2006

Wednesday Jazz at the Stoa

A swinging evening with Deborah Herbert

Last Wednesday we went with friends to one of a series of Jazz evenings that take place in a "Stoa", an athenian shopping passage. I've been there the week before and noted the bad sound quality. That wasn't much better, but this time we were with good company, enjoyed the party and ourselves. Towards the end we danced and had lots of fun. It wasn't exactly a concert, more like a big party with many unknown people and a life band somewhere.

Despite the lousy sound quality (mainly I guess due to the unfitness of the surroundings for a quality concert), I liked the music by the Doug Sides Trio featuring Deborah Herbert. Especially Miss Herbert was great. Route 66, Summertime, she gave some great, well known Jazz songs. In better surroundings I could comment on her voice. This way I can only praise the swing in her voice, which got us swinging along.

Information about the Wednesday evening concerts can be found in Greek (I had to change the encoding manual to ISO-8859-7) on The concerts are free with free drinks, which is quite the deal. Expect lots of people and only standing room.

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