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29 September 2006

Password Protected RSS Feeds and CookieCrumbler

Disable the cookie login for RSS!

Another one of those "remind myself" posts. Just tried to get past a problem with our "extranet" feeds, which are password protected and through SSL. The problem was that they are embedded in our Zope site, which uses CookieCrumbler for cookie based authentication. The feedreaders would always get the login page instead of the feed, even when using proper authentication. Solution: Disable cookie login by appending "?disable_cookie_login__=1" to the URL. Of course the state of feedreaders was part of the problem...

The RSS feedreader on Mac OS X in widest use appears to be NetNewsWire Lite. It's actually fine and free, and advertised as "Mac like". My biggest grief with this thing is the almost total lack of feedback if something goes wrong. There sure is an error log, but it doesn't always log errors. Most of the times the feed just displays an old listing of entries, not even an indication that something went wrong. I had a lot of pain with that back when I tried to get the encoding on my own weblog feeds right.

Other RSS readers don't support password protected feeds at all (as far as I can see), for example Vienna or Shrook. Didn't try some of the "for pay" ones and maybe putting the login credentials in the URL would work for these too (like "http://username:secretpass@domain.tld/rss_10.xml).

One that works with passwords and is really quite funny for its mininalistic style is RSS Menu. RSS Menu puts another menu item in the Macs menu bar and gives you a quick and low profile indication of what's new. You need the free menu bar space though, nothing for my 1024x768 at home :-).

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