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03 October 2006

Sketching Kerameikos

From my notebook, pen selection, practice!
The Acropolis, seen from Kerameikos

This afternoon after work, I went to Kerameikos again. I had left a little bit earlier, but still had only a short time with direct sunlight. Made two and a half sketches, the last "half" one abandoned and given up on. My newly filled up pen is much better than what I used last time, but I need a lot of more practice. The sketches are from the last visit, the first shows the Acropolis as seen from the Kerameikos archeological site...

Ancient ark and stones at Kerameikos

The problem with the intermediary pen was that it smeared. It's a nice enough Pilot, writes fine, but in the end it's just a single use item. You can see how it smeared in the enlarged are of this little stone scene with the arch. First that pen didn't draw as fine a line when moving it lightly, second it smeared when doing thick lines.

The cheap pen smeared

The Parker refill in my rotring pen allows for finer lines and I can put on darker areas without fear of smearing. The result is a wider range of expression and with it depth. A lot more satisfying to draw with. But then the comparison is unfair, as these two are totally different products.

Some thoughts on drawing with a pen

I like the tonality, it just gives a different mood than a pencil. Blue is cool. Usually people are surprised, "but how can you correct mistakes with a pen?" The truth is, you can't really correct mistakes with a pencil either. If you rub things out, it never gets really clean. A grey smear will stay, and the quality of the paper changes, altering how your pencil strokes appear over it. Making a line with a pen commits you to it, it may be hard to get it right, but at least maybe you start to put your pen where you really want that line.

My satisfaction with my sketches varies wildly. In the end I think I want to continue with them, but I have to learn and re-learn a lot. More drawing is on the to-do list. Maybe I should get a sketchbook, so I won't fill up my notebook with all my trials.

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