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13 October 2006

Writing Zope and RewriteRule documentation

Meanwhile, over at

Yesterday evening I made an effort to rewrite the Zope and Apache page over at Something that I had intended to do for a long time. The old version of the page always had seemed confusing to me, especially in mentioning stuff like ProxyPass that zopistas don't really use any more nowadays. I hope "my" version is better now.

Today I noticed still some things missing, I went a step further and added a section about "Debugging, Common Pitfalls, Problems", in short the things that can go wrong and where to look after them.

Usually I would have written this kind of guide or how-to on my own site somewhere. But on the one hand, the basis has been there before (and I left in much more than I added or rewrote) and on the other hand being part of something like and sharing in a community project is an experiment for me that gave me some good vibes.

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