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23 October 2006

Places of Enjoyment in Athens

Marialena's list of 10+1 special places
Kafeneion in the National Garden, Athens

Marialena, in one of the blogs I follow regularly because I like their writing, has posted some weeks ago a post about 10+1 places of Enjoyment in Athens (where "places" could also be translated as "moments" - the article is in Greek).

At first I had thought about making my own list, possibly sharing some points with Marialena (the National Garden would be right there in my list too). But there is a special quality to her list, one that I can't try to answer or further: She doesn't just have a checklist of places ("go there, look at that"), but instead some of these places are situations or special occasions in the flow of the city.

So all I can do now is to tell you to go and read through that list (assuming you understand some Greek), maybe look at the few pictures, let yourself be inspired to look out for your own special moments and places here (and if you live somewhere else, in your own place). I'll go as far as to illustrate this post with a small drawing I did in the kafeneion of the National Garden. The sun was shining, autumn was almost there and we enjoyed a quiet, green moment almost out of town.

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Re: Places of Enjoyment in Athens

Well, well, well, it looks like the ten plus one moments I have put down, have inspired you as well, my dear Sascha! Putting down things like that is one of my favourite things to do at times!

I'm glad that you liked the article and I hope you'll have the chance of visiting some of the places I suggest! Hope you'll enjoy them!

Have a good National holiday weekend, Marialena

Posted by: Marialena at October 27,2006 10:56
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