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01 November 2006

The Chinese Answer to SPAM

What I got on the Internet Governance Forum

Yesterday at the IGF's "Security" panel, I stood up to ask a question, partly about SPAM coming out of China. Now the transcript of the Security session is online, and from the transcript I can quote the answer I got:

CHENGQING HUANG: "...we have the principle of coordinated action to make joint efforts. So after defining some principles, we received the reporting and denunciation from society and the relevant organs and received some addresses that sent Spam. If we determine that these IP addresses, indeed, sent Spams, we announced the list of such addresses. So such a list, we have WW.NT slash Spam Web site, you can see how many servers of Spam we have announced. If after three months they have not improved their behavior, we will organize resistance to such Spams."
Note that the website address he mentioned is garbled, due to translation and transcription.

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