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03 November 2006

No Investigation on Ericsson in Wiretapping Scandal

Strange Decision from ΑΔΑΕ (ADAE)

According to the Greek news sites, the Greek Information Security Authority ΑΔΑΕ (ADAE) has decided not to investigate Ericsson for their involvement in the wiretapping scandal that was revealed in February of this year. As the "reason" they state that the law does not give their agency the role to investigate the manufacturers of telecoms equipment. Apparently this decision came out of a 4-3 vote, where 2 of the minority votes were by specialists from the investigative unit of ADAE.

Depending on your level of paranoia and/or believe in the orwellian state of the industry / the world / etc., this either comes as a surprise or something expected. Myself I haven't expected exactly this, but I certainly didn't expect anything to come out of the investigation conducted by ADAE. Ericsson might as well ship their systems with a backdoor as wide as a barndoor, the ADAE wouldn't notice. It's all a matter of agenda, and I suspect the agenda of the ADAE is to get this thing forgotten as fast as possible.

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