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05 November 2006

Coffee with HelMUG

Sunday Meeting on Syntagma Square

We're sitting in the cafe Ethnikon on Syntagma square, chatting about Mac stuff. I'm on a meeting of the Greek Mac User Group HelMUG. Ten people have shown up so far and we even signed up two new members. I'm typing this entry on a white MacBook, trying to get used to the keyboard. Reminds me of Spectrum home computers. The screen is nice, even though I don't like the glossy finish.

HelMUG meetings are on every first Sunday of the month (around 11:30 in the morning), members and non-members welcome. For the moment we are meeting here on Syntagma square, where we have free wifi access, but the location may change. If you are interested to get reminders about these meetings, you can sign up to our notification mailing list.

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