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12 November 2006

Photography from Freaky to Ultra Expensive

Looking at Macs and Hasselblads
Serious picture taken by photobooth

Yesterday I was planning to go to Stournari street to look for a replacement HD for my server. Right as I was walking down to the bus station my phone rang. Panos (Libero) from HelMUG called with an invitation to visit the largest illegal structure in Europe, Athens "The Mall" super shopping center. In some kind of coincidence-colliding-with-an-idea moment, I changed plans as well for my server as for the day. I went straight to The Mall, where I met Panos and about half of the shopping crazed women of the Attican peninsula. While we tried to avoid being run over by the masses, we went to play with some Macs and later in the day even got to play around with expensive Hasselblad cameras...

We went for a tour through different shops, trying to locate a pair of good quality lady gloves. Yes, boys do those things. It was quite funny, because in some shops we were the only male human beings amongst big crowds of women. The fashionable "Zara" shop was also funny, with only one cashier in a huge store. The line of customers was about 10 meters long. As Panos remarked: "Even if I would find the gloves here, I couldn't buy them." Makes me wonder if the cost of adding a second cashier to that shop is so high, or if they treat their customers like that on purpose.

Serious picture taken by photobooth

Shortly after that sight we gave up and went to serious matters: Visiting the Macs for sale in the Fnac and Multirama stores. In Fnac we were more concerned with accessories and add-on products. When we got to Multirama, we were ready to play around. First we opened the bluetooth browser... what a sight! It found about 15 to 20 bluetooth enabled devices around. Half the stores display was running bluetooth and lots of people had their phones on too. Then we fired up Photobooth and played around with it, transferring the pictures to Panos phone. Thinking of it, we should have sent it to all those open bluetooth devices. But I was told to behave in stores in order to be a good child, so we didn't.

After being fed up with the mega shopping experience, we drove all around half of Athens, to Glyfada. Over there, in a part of the old airport, was the "Foto-net" exhibition, where our friend Thanassis Kordalis (aka mackellaris from HelMUG) was "working" at the stand of the Hasselblad distributor. When we arrived at the stand, he wasn't there. So we went all over the show floor looking for him. We finally found him in the cafeteria, which prompted Panos to remark: "See? I told you when we don't find him at his place, he'll be in the cafeteria!" That in turn left Thanassis speechless, since he was running around all day. All the time we were there he was mighty busy, presenting a new super-colorproofed monitor, but we got to talk to him for a few moments inbetween.

We also had a look at a Plaubel tilt-and-swivel camera and at the new digital Hasselblad models. It doesn't happen so often that I can take something in my hands that is worth about 30'000 Euros. Ups, and I didn't even drop it.

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Re: Photography from Freaky to Ultra Expensive

Sind ja krasse Bilder! Wenn auf deinem T-Shirt nicht open BSD drauf gestanden hätte, hätt´ ich echt nicht geschnallt, dass du das bist :-).
Liebe Grüße.

Posted by: eleni at November 12,2006 20:29
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