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13 November 2006

More ZWiki Skins and Skin Know-How

Redesigned my own wiki, updated the docs
Screenshot website

Friday evening I finally took the (seemingly) big step and slapped some new paint on my own little wiki site Just like with the nautica project, I took a template from and created a zwiki skin out of it. The template needed only a few changes, the biggest of which was the replacement of the main deco image with one of my sketches. I like the result so far, even though the content of the site may look greek to you. It's been the fourth ZWiki skin I'm building, and I'm getting faster with each one. I'm down to a couple of hours for a site with a reduced set of wiki functionality.

Since I've learned a lot in the experience, I was able to update the HowTo describing the process. At first had some problems with a full disk, so I stored the howto right there on my own zwiki. Now that the database of has been packed, the HowTo found its home at CreateZWikiSkinsFromOpenWebTemplates. The other places (nautica and papaki) still have it, but they point to, where I plan to keep the howto updated. (Reminder for those coming in late: The ideas behind this are explained in The Easiest CMS on Zope... Zwiki and Skinning a ZWiki.)

Given the latest trolling on the zope mailing list I think it's interesting to note that Simon provides one of the biggest documentation projects for the Zope community, yet works on a shoestring hosting. Maybe some people could contribute something for that instead of spending hours for a useless and irresponsible trolling project.

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