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15 November 2006

Books Hunted, 1001 Books Listed

Another Bookshop, and my score on the reading list

Looking through a list of Zwiki example sites I came across one very nice wiki called thinkubator. In its refreshing but not very wikilike pages I found a reference to a book with a list of 1001 books one should read, complete with a list of the authors and titles. A long count showed me that I have read 60 of them and am into number 61 now... because as I happened to have visited a friend in Kolonaki and was slowly going back to the bus station, I stumbled upon a bookshop that has some english books. I went in to discover a small selection, but amongst them I found 3 books that I bought. So a big selection isn't really everything. What did I get?

The bookstore in question is called Best Book Hunters, they have shops in 47 Solonos street and 33 Leukados and Evelpidon street. They seem to have been around for a while, but I had never been there. Another one for my list of Athens book shops with english books. The Solonos street shop is nice, with a modern interior and a very laid back upper floor. They mostly seem to have artsy books. Not to much fiction, but sometimes it's the selection that matters.

At first I spotted J.D. Salinger's "The Catcher in the Rye", which I had referred to in a previous "Athens bookshop post" where it wasn't available. So I just had to buy it now. Next came a book with the word "Enigma" in the title. That always stops me, since I'm a crypto nut (and in part a history nut). Christine Large's "Hijacking Enigma - The Insiders' Tale" promises to give some historic background to breaking the Enigma cipher in Bletchley Park, mixed with the story of how an original Enigma machine was stolen and recovered. For me they could have left out the modern stuff, but maybe it's all the better with something thrown in that I haven't read about before.

Then I got "The Remains of the Day" from Kazuo Ishiguro, which brings me full circle to the list of 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. As I was browsing through the list of books I had seen that one and I remembered that I had talked with Stefanos (from HelMUG) about it. So I bought it and that's what I'm reading now, on the way to my 61st book from the list.

That number isn't carved in stone. There are a couple of books in the list which I wasn't too sure about. Some of them I had read a looong time ago, so in some cases I wasn't too sure if I had really read them. Some of them I took into the list (when I was reasonable sure) and a bit more of them I left out because I leaned to the "not so sure any more" side. I also didn't count in books that I had started to read but didn't like and give up. Sometimes I was too young for the book in question (I started reading "serious" books when I was still a child), sometimes I was older and just didn't like the stuff.

As can be also seen in the discussion on the list page, the selection isn't agreed on by everyone. Such a list could be made by choosing "important" books, by choosing "interesting" books, or books that are "good to read". So was a book like George Orwell's "Keep the Aspidistra Flying" in the list because someone considered it a page-turner "good read", or because it's an "important" book from a significant period of Orwell's work? Next step: Discuss what any of these terms mean.

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