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16 November 2006

Searching ZCTextIndex in Greek, properly

Treat those pronunciation marks right with GRSplitter in Zope

A long time ago I had made my own Greek Unicode splitter for ZCTextIndex. That worked fine, but it didn't take the pronunciation marks into consideration (so searching for "ελληνικα" didn't find "ελληνικά"). Today I found through the greek plone forum the GRSplitter, which came out a few months ago. I've set it up with this blog as a guinea pig, and the search works even better now. No need for me to fix my own splitter any more. Thanks go to George Gozadinos!

Setup: Untar the archive, place in your Zope Instance's "Products" folder. Even though the GRSplitter is a Zope Product, it won't show up in your "Add" menu in the ZMI. Instead you will have to add (or replace) your "ZCTextIndex Lexicon", which usually lives inside your ZCatalog and is usually named "lexicon" or so. When you add a new Lexicon, you specify to use the GRSplitter and off you go. If this is a replacement, you will have to recatalog.

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I've been playing with trying to get ZCTextIndex and Unicode (swedish encoded with latin1) but failed horribly. UnicodeLexicon requires CMF and I couldn't work out how to use the UnicodeSplitter for ZCTextIndex.

In the end I gave up and moved to TextIndexNG3 and now it works perfectly for test first basic playarounds. It even supports stemming out-of-the-box for Swedish :)

Played with it? What's your opinion?

Posted by: Peter Bengtsson at July 02,2007 22:52
Re: Searching ZCTextIndex in Greek, properly

Hi Peter! My oppinion is "I didn't get it to work" - but I didn't play around with it long enough probably. I've set it up (it's still installed on my machine), but then got lost in the options and the greek letters always came out garbled. In contrast GRSplitter worked for me right away.

Posted by: betabug at July 03,2007 09:43
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