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03 December 2006

General Assembly, Short Report

Elections and Talks
betabug at the Dec 2006 HelMUG general assembly

The HelMUG general assembly has happened today, finally after many tries with success. We managed to vote a new board. That's the main news. The lesser news is that I happened to be voted as board member, even though I really didn't want to (my previous experience with that kind of stuff was rather mixed). counting the votes For many months I turned down all request for setting me up as a board candidate. In the end I stood to be voted only because we needed to fill the roster to the required number by law. But then I got voted, probably by pure malice!

Attendance was not very high. But the important point was the atmosphere of the event. There were some old stories to sort out, but in general the consensus was that we wanted to go forward. I believe the new board is united in a practical approach. We want an uncomplicated user group, a place where things happen. So, here we are. What the future will bring, we will see.

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