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08 December 2006

Christmas Chocolate

Office diet destroyer
Lindt Christmas Chocolate

From my trip to Switzerland I had brought back about four kilograms of swiss chocolate. I don't eat much chocolate myself. Really, these were mostly for presents and to give away. Yesterday I had brought three bars to the office, amongst them the "Christmas Chocolate" from Lindt.

I opened it myself and took two pieces to get a taste. The moment I opened the packaging, it smelled of christmas. I can't really describe it differently. It also tasted like that. I tried to taste what the ingredients are (before reading the packaging), but the spices are so well rounded out, that no single one stands out. Then I read that cinnamon and coriander are in there, which I agree with. They are, but well - as mentioned - in a balanced spicing, so I can really recommend this chocolate.

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Re: Christmas Chocolate

I really really really want this chocolate!!!! Please........
You brought that bar of chocolate to the office now that I am not there!
Ftou sou!

Posted by: mary at December 11,2006 13:27
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