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09 December 2006

Dark Sun

Going out to the "gothadika"

Yesterday night I went out to party with Panos (libero) and Thanassis (mckellaris) from HelMUG. We went to a γκοθάδικο (gothadiko) [1] called Dark Sun. I was going to say that it is a nice place, but of course that's not a compliment for a goth club. So... uhmm.. it's actually a pretty dark, depressing and overall very black place. It gives you the creeps and can be very scary. The music is eery too and they have a looped tape of some outworldish depressing animation movie playing on a projector. Summing it up, all in all it's very nice for a goth place :-).

The music I liked a lot. Especially in the beginning (shop opens at midnight, what else), when there weren't a lot of people around it was all very spheric and carrying. Later as more guests came in the music got a tiny bit more "danceable" with more of a discernible rhythm. It also got louder which made our conversation harder, but that's what you get for going to a club.

The club's decoration is well done. It is of course (did I mention this already?) all very dark, with a tendency to red light effect lamps. But they have a nice little green laser too. It was too dark to take pictures. There are some pictures on the web, but they were taken with flash and pay the place no tribute. Some of the furniture looked like it came from Monastiraki flea market or some old aunts place. There are masks, figures, and body parts worked into little sculptures, which try to give you a scary or at least ghostly feeling.

In case you wonder: Yes, I wore black :-) I put on a black t-shirt for the occasion, out of courtesy, but I was wearing plain blue jeans too.

[1] The word "gothadiko" for a goth club is produced with the greek ending -diko turning it into something like a "goth joint", much like a σουβλατσίδικο / souvlatsidiko is a "souvlaki joint". I find that amusing to no end, as it plays with the dark/serious stuff and turning it into something childish/playful.

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Re: Dark Sun

Looks it had a nice ambiance.

Posted by: Rodolfo Gouveia at December 09,2006 23:58
Re: Dark Sun

And don't forget "deliveradiko", ντελιβεράδικο!

Posted by: Mary at December 11,2006 18:09
Re: Dark Sun

Where is Dark sun located? After about 10 years away from Athens I am now back and want to get back into the scene. Let me know and thanks for the nice entry :)

Posted by: Valentini at July 08,2007 12:15
Re: Dark Sun

Hey Valentini,

according to LiFo, Dark Sun is at Θηβών 42, Περιστέρι (Thivon 42, Peristeri). And there seems to be something like an official Dark Sun website too. No phone number there, probably the music is too loud for that anyway.

Posted by: betabug at July 13,2007 13:00
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