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12 December 2006

Category RSS feeds for COREBlog

A 5 minute change

It's so easy to make RSS feeds for all categories in a COREBlog, it took me only a couple of minutes. Here is the recipe:

  1. Copy the DTML method rdf_10_xml, rename the copy to rdf_10_category_xml.
  2. In rdf_10_category_xml look for every mention of rev_day_entry_items(...) - there are three of them. The first one gets changed to category_entry_items(category_id=category_id, count=1) the two other ones to category_entry_items(category_id=category_id, count=15).
  3. In the "modules" folder in the ZMI, edit the "categories" DTML method. Add links to your_blog_url/rdf10_category_xml?category_id=<dtml-var id> inside the loop for each category - I've got them on the same line, along with the item count.

...and that's it. Oh yeah, and the announcement: Dear visitors, please enjoy the category RSS feeds. Get updates only on your specific interests!

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