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17 December 2006

Doing Seminars for HelMUG

Results from another Sunday MUG coffee break

Due to the general assembly two weeks ago, the monthly HelMUG coffee break was postponed to today. I went there and after a while we were four of us... seems the holiday season is taking its toll. But the meeting was very interesting and had good results. Next to the usual computer chatter we also discussed locations for seminars and some good ideas came up...

As a small reminder: I had given a couple of seminars and workshops back in Switzerland. Now that I'm here and active in the Greek Mac User Group, I thought about doing some more Seminars for HelMUG. My first candidate is something about using PGP. This is one topic that I'm personally interested in, and it seems that at least a few others might be interested too. For example I was surprised and delighted to hear that Takis (citylop on HelMUG) had started to install and explore GPG.

The topic isn't so hot that I would fill a big room. If we get 10 to 20 interested people together, I'd consider that success. There are of course professional conference rooms in a city like Athens. But a user group can't afford that. So another option is to find a more unconventional room (like a cafeteria back room) and find someone with a beamer. After a while there popped up one location that could be exactly what we need. I'll wait for Takis to investigate to say more. Of course such a room could hold other HelMUG seminars or meetings too, but I guess I'll play the guinea pig.

When the venue is found, all that's left is to announce it to the world and for me to prepare the seminar. I'll see how well I'll do with that task, since I haven't been holding a seminar in Greek ever. Lots of work and new frontiers!

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