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21 December 2006

The Dasein in Athens

Culture cafe in Exarheia

While the center of athens is putting up christmas lights as if it was flak to shoot down the next suicide plane attack, with the terrorpilots uncertain where to hit (enough ugly buildings to choose from), I'm sitting in the slightly bohème culture café "Dasein" in Athens anarchist quartier Exarheia. The previous longwinding sentence is like that on purpose, on Tuesdays you can come here to hear the "philosophy café" discuss Kant.

Myself I came to watch a xmas horror b-movie called "Silent Night Deadly Night". It's about time to get into the festive mood. For the time being I'm wolfing down a hotdog and waiting for Takis (from HelMUG) to show up and the show to start.

The dasein has a wooden floor and couches opposite a bar. Good atmosphere, good music. Not too unusual by Exarheia standards though.

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