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24 December 2006

Rat Rated!

So who does the rating anyway?

Looking through my browser stats, I noticed several referrers from "", so "who is that?" I thought. Even with extended searches on the web I could only find it on published webstats pages. Deducing a bit, I concluded that these must be accesses from people who rate pages for a "content filtering service", the one from sonicwall. They've come to 3 times in the last 10 days or so. Following that link I came to a fancy little tool that allows to lookup any page on how it's rated by their system, which led to all kind of fun...

Apparently (this weblog) is categorized as "Web Communications" (as is Good enough, given that I talk about a wide range of topics, some of them even having to do with "the web". It could well be that all blogs are thrown more or less into that category. Because as everybody who tried to categorize a large set of data knows: Categorization systems always suck [1]. Invariably you end up at the point where you have to throw all kind of stuff into some category that doesn't really fit, just because it doesn't really fit anywhere else.

Much more interesting is how they rated, my greek wiki site. The "papaki" ("little duckling" as it's often lovingly referred to) is a mixed site about culture, food, technology, and greek stuff. So how did they rate it? "Games". Seriously, who does the rating and how serious are they about it? If you go look at you will notice a nice little drawing of a teddy bear [2]. So this is my guess to what happened: Bored and tired "rater" clicked on yet another site to review. Yawn. Uhmmm... it's kind of foreign, with all those funny characters. Better not try to read it, since "my eyes already hurt from trying to read all of the web at once". Hey, there's a pic of a teddy bear, must be one of those kid gaming sites. Click. Rated.

The result? Some poor corporate droid, who wanted to look up the original recipe for greek "saganaki" for the company barbecue likely gets a "blocked, this is a game site" page.

1: At this point the word "suck" isn't a swearword and/or sexist. It's meant as "sucks all kind of things into a category, like a vacuum cleaner sucks all kind of dust into a bag".
2: Hey, it's the vi bear, that's why it is on a technology/culture page!

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