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28 February 2005

Ξανά! Another Fight with Unicode

UTF-8 to the rescue - as soon as I've saved myself from itself

Αχ, ξανά τα Ελληνικά! Unbelievably, I'm again fighting with Unicode to get Greek text work in yet another place. This time it's with "NetNewsWire Lite", which I think should work, but it does not in this project. Problem should be on my site though.

Update: Another unbelievable, but not quite so unusual event. Right after I posted I discovered that text was entered in iso-8859-7 into the system. A common problem. Now http headers and xml tags are set to iso-8859-7 to match the content. Works.

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Re: Ξανά! Another Fight with Unicode

Εγώ μόλις κατέβασα το NetNewsWire Lite στο Powerbook αλλά οι σελίδες Ναυτεμπορικής και BBC Greek φαίνονται gibberish! Καμιά ιδέα;

Posted by: Periklis at March 24,2005 01:24
Re: Ξανά! Another Fight with Unicode

Tried with Ναυτεμπορική and it works for me. NetNewsWire Lite Version 1.0.8. Mac OS X 10.3.8 (there is the Greek system software from Rainbow on this Mac, but I think it should not make a difference for NetNewsWire). The font is set to LucidaGrande Regular.

The feed comes in as ISO-8859-7, which is reasonable and should work. So my guesses are: Maybe you've used a font without Unicode support? Maybe the Rainbow stuff makes a difference? Other than that, not really a clue. Try opening the feed in Firefox and see how it displays it (XML, but the content should be readable). Good luck!

Note that I don't recommend installing the Software from Rainbow, it makes a lot of problems on Mac OS X.

Posted by: betabug at March 24,2005 08:49
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