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03 January 2007

Another Happy New Year with ch-athens

Happy New Year! Guet's Neus! Καλή χρονιά!

Another year passed for this weblog and the world, happy new year to everyone! ch-athens is 2 years old now (for those coming in late, it started as a new years resolution on new year of 2005). The last year has brought a lot more traffic, where I reported about 97000 pageviews in 2005, in 2006 my stats claim to have recorded about 243000 pageviews. This number is a bit rough, because after moving the server there was a lot of downtime (no pageviews) and some time where the server was up but the stats weren't counting. Yes, amongst all the nice stuff there was trouble too, let's look back if you like to....

First of all the traffic started thanks to the Greek Wiretapping Scandal which was revealed back in February. When I heard about the thing I couldn't find almost anything in the non-greek press, so I wrote up a summary. Having done that I sent Bruce Schneier a link. Bruce blogged about it and a lot of traffic came my way. Some more came through related search engine traffic. Even after the spike came down, traffic stayed higher than it was before.

In related news, at the end of January 2006 I got ADSL at home, the dark ages of the modem had ended. It's been up ever since, the service of Vivodi in Athens didn't give me any reason to complain. Another option would have been the Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network, a post mentioning them got a nice discussion going. The exactly next post about using PGP followed suit. It even had long terms results, as I'm now preparing a workshop/presentation about using PGP for HelMUG.

In March I wrote a post about using ZWiki as the easiest CMS around. Around that time I must have picked up working on, my Greek wiki site. It started out slowly but got a really nice layout in the last few months and content is coming in.

Flipping through the posts, I notice a lot of coverage of small and big trips around Greece (and at the end of the year to Germany and Switzerland). Many of them included montage and panorama pictures. I wish I would be that sparkling and active now, I seem to be slacking a lot lately, at least blogwriting wise.

In September trouble started. The server was moved to Germany, if all went well, it would have just been a question of plugging it in. But during the move, one of the harddisks died and there ensued some days of downtime and a lot of necessary restoring of backup data. Yes, I was lucky (or well prepared) to have had backups for most stuff. Never without! October had more trouble, but unrelated: The Greek police had jailed (temporarely) a guy who ran a blog aggregator for content of a post that was automatically linked and news about that broke about that time. I wrote about it and went to the Internet Governance Forum to help making the problem heard.

Just around October/November more traffic started to come in from another side: With the witch (a zope/apache rewriterule generator) there were already some Zope people coming to my site. Now Planet Zope started to pick up some of my Zope related posts and more people came over to read my (mostly "ZWiki as CMS" related) Zope stuff.

Then came the toughest time: I had travelled to Germany to upgrade and update my server. In the process the mainboard failed and my site was down for a looong time. Even after getting back online (on a "newer" G4), there still are some pictures missing, which are on a SCSI disk that I currently can't access. Again, daily backups saved (most of) my butt. Things started to move again, with traffic coming back to the previous level almost instantly. Let's see what 2007 will bring now!

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