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04 January 2007

Meet HelMUG at Dasein!

This months MUG meeting at new location

Next Sunday (2007-01-07) is our monthly HelMUG meeting in Athens. For various reasons, we are at a new location, in the cafe Dasein in Exarheia. The Dasein has a room with a projector that we could use for future presentations and seminars, it has more free space than the cafe Ethnikon on Sintagma this time of year. So since there is no wifi on Sintagma this week, it's time to give the Dasein a chance!

If you are in Athens next sunday, consider yourself invited, attendance is free for members and non-members. There won't be much more than having coffee and chatting about Macs and the world. But maybe you can get some questions answered and catch up with Mac tech talk. The Dasein is near Exarheia square, at 12 Solomou street (which is parallel to Stournari street, where all the computer shops are :-) we will start to arrive around 11:30 in the morning.

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Re: Meet HelMUG at Dasein!


wenn Du Lust hast, kannst Du das nächste mal, wenn Du ins Dasein gehst, bei mir klingeln. Soultani 13 in sichtweite von dieser Kneipe.


Posted by: Urs at January 05,2007 21:29
Re: Meet HelMUG at Dasein!

OK, ich schau mal vorbei!

Posted by: betabug at January 06,2007 16:17
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