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06 January 2007

Vivodi Upgraded our ADSL to 2048/256

But the line stutters...

This noon after a short line outage I logged into the router's web interface to notice that we have a faster ADSL line now. Vivodi (our ISP here) upgraded our ADSL line to 2048/256. For almost all their customers this was done automatically, I've had to order it, since I previously had the smallest package they offered, a meager 256/128 line. The higher speed is nice and welcome.

The downside are currently a lot of line drops. The line keeps up for somewhere between 4 and 30 minutes. Then it starts to loose packets and in the end it completely disconnects, the router reports "DSL connection down". Currently the "uptime" gets longer each time, so I hope it "fixes itself". If it doesn't, I'll have to call the support number, which unfortunately is the worst experience with this provider. "Please wait..." Let's wait and see if I'll have to.

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Re: Vivodi Upgraded our ADSL to 2048/256

Hi (from uk-athens, a Brit geek in Athens)

FYI. I have just placed my order to upgrade from 2048/640 to 4096/256. Well it is actually a downstream upgrade and an upstream downgrade! They only offer the "6 or 12 months special price" with 256 upstream limit. Why they cannot offer the same upstream as previous package is beyond me.

I have been waiting a week for it, and just found out they lost my application form (but naturally not the payment...).

I will keep you posted on this, maybe useful for you if you decide to upgrade at any time.

ps. you can imagine the confusion caused when i asked for an "upgrade" rather than a new connection!


Posted by: Howie at January 12,2007 14:23
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