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09 January 2007

ADSL Trouble

We're up... we're not... we're up... we're not!

After last weekends upgrade of our ADSL line to 2Mb, we had a lot of trouble. The line goes down every 10 minutes to 1 hour. SSH connections are stuck. Phone calls get either cut or disturbed - our phone runs on VoIP over the ADSL line. Apparently the VoIP box can recover some phone calls, but it's very ugly. When this happens, the router/modem's web interface informs us that "Your DSL connectioin is down" - who would have guessed? This evening I called Vivodi (our ISP).

After waiting for a long while on hold, I talked to a kid who said they'd temporarely put the line down to 1Mb, so it wouldn't disconnect, then they would go investigate and fix it. Good. So far they already lowered the line speed to 1Mb, like he said. But the drops of DSL connectivity keep on. For the moment it seems to be even worse. Will have to see if their investigation turns up something, or else I'll have to call them again. It's the first time ever that I've had trouble with our Vivodi line, so I hope it comes out fine.

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Re: ADSL Trouble

Are you using the Speedtouch 530 + Cisco ATA 186 configuration?

Try posting on Forum the Diagnostics from the Web Interface of the Router

Output Power (dBm) up/down
Attenuation (dB) up/down
Noise Margin (dB) up/down

It may be that the telephone cables of your house are too old to support the highher speed (and thus the modem cannot synchronize and keep it stable) or the distance between your house and the DSLAM is too long.

By posting the statistics, the guys will probably be able to tell if that's the case.

Posted by: - at January 10,2007 23:03
Re: ADSL Trouble

Since we got back in August, we're having lots of trouble with our ADSL connection (CONNX wireless modem). The breaks are so frequent I can hardly get and VoiP is agony. Though I can handle some Greek, my Greek isn't good enough to decode or post on the forum. When I ask anyone here in Karystos anything computer related and they find out I have a Mac they throw up their mental "hands".
I've no idea if you're still even thinking about such things as Greece or ADSL, but if you've got any suggestions of where I can go for help or advice online I'd be very grateful.

Posted by: Roz at August 21,2008 17:34
Re: ADSL Trouble

I think there's a HelMUG member in Karystos (not sure though). If so, maybe he would be willing to help. I'll try to look at it and will contact you by mail if I find out something.

Posted by: betabug at August 21,2008 20:43
Re: ADSL Trouble

I am the helmug member in karystos and I am there right now
I will be glad if you will contact me at

even though I think that the problem is simple
bad lines
they (OTE) 'provide' us DSL through normal telephone cables, which are old and no good for the job

but I will be happy to meet you anyway (you are not Eric's Roz, are you?)

Posted by: Stefanos Kalamaris at August 22,2008 09:27
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