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12 January 2007

Bazooka at American Embassy

...hit the toilets on 3rd floor!

Apparently someone fired a bazooka at the american embassy at 5:57 local time this morning. They were aiming for the "seal" sign in the front, but hit only the toilets in 3rd floor. Police spokespeople announced that the ambassador will have to go downstairs now to take a crap. When I passed by in the bus on the way to work this morning there was police all around the street outside the embassy. Traffic had been closed for hours (actually all the area had been closed off), but I was lucky that it was reopened in time for my commute.

Nobody was hurt, we're all happy about that. In other news on an average weekend in Greece about 20 people die in road accidents. Oh you didn't want to hear that? Let's see, the number of civilians dying (or being seriously wounded) in Iraq each day likely passes that number. More to your liking? Apparently a small scale local leftist group claimed responsibility for the act.

Looking at my server logs I noticed "people" hotlinking to a picture of mine of the american embassy. Let me tell you one thing: The architecture of the american embassy in Athens, Greece is the biggest PR desaster the "U.S.A." had ever had. But, if you want to use a picture of that ugly building go make your own. If you hotlink to my pictures, you put your page at my mercy. My high tech surveillance technology updates my pictures in real time, so you might not get what you expected.

In response to the uneducated and idiotic remarks in those discussions (of the style "Get out of Athens now", "I can't send my son to Greece any more"): Athens is one of the safest cities in Europe (and likely in the world). In the average Greek village I'd leave my car, front door and sleeping room door unlocked without so much as a second thought. Sending your son to Athens could pose a different danger though, he might learn that there is more to the world than north america and Hollywood.

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Re: Bazooka at American Embassy

Nice summary,

I woke up this morning and the TV tunes in to CNN (by default) for a world report. They completely over-exaggerated reports of a "huge explosion rocks American Embassy in Athens"... and then I turned to ANT (Greek Station) and I saw just a broken window!

I remember coming to Athens around 6 years ago and witnessed my first Greek riot happening outside the American Embassy. Ok, so lots of tear gas, smoke bombs (and some petrol bombs) but generally it did not feel like a mass terriost plot....

I feel like I am in the safest place here, especially having lived previously for 5 years in London!

UK-ATHENS : A Brit geek in Athens

Posted by: Howie at January 12,2007 14:31
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