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13 January 2007

500 Posts

A *lot* of posts

This is the 500th post in my weblog. That's a big round number, and I'm still struck by it. It means that many, many times in the last two years I have unslacked enough to write down some thoughts, experiences, or information...

What I wrote is not that special, but the act of writing regularly (or almost... I clocked in about a post every 1.5 days) has become special to me. It helped me experience my situation - living as a stranger in a strange land - to a greater extend. It often helped me to get over my lazyness and become more active, going out to do something, since then I would have something to write about.

Sometimes it's been and still is a strain. Keeping it up, not letting it go slumber away. But like in life, wondering what will come next is already a motivation to go on.

Beach at Faliron, sketch from my notebook

Today I've been indoors almost all day . I've been reading (Rudyard Kipling's "Kim"), playing backgammon(6) on OpenBSD, talking on the phone with Eleni. There are 1000 things I should do and 500 more interesting things to go out and do for a swiss in Athens. But today is a lazy day to relax and celebrate my weblog anniversary like that. And then on to the next 500... it feels like a good notebook that's been started and now needs more filling.

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Re: 500 Posts

I admire you for keeping it up. We all know how easy is to fall behind.
Nice pix! I love moleskines ;-)

Posted by: Rodolfo Gouveia at January 16,2007 00:23
Re: 500 Posts

Thank you for the kind words Rodolfo! Wish I had more time to sketch too...

Posted by: betabug at January 16,2007 10:09
Re: 500 Posts

Well done! Also well done for noticing your anniversary.
Because of this post I went to count mine and it came to 611 posts since the 29th of June 2003 (1 post every 2 days roughly)
Keep up the good work!

Posted by: Peter Bengtsson at January 18,2007 11:12
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