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14 January 2007

Longboarding the Coast Line

From Kalamaki to Faliron

I was in Kalamaki (my old neighbourhood from way back) today, helping Manos with setting up a streaming server [1]. On the way back it was already dark, but nonetheless I went down to the coast. I had some difficulty to pass Poseidonos Avenue (Sunday evening traffic already coming in), but then I was rolling on my longboard along the waterline, passing by the fancy yachts, then on to the promenade...

The pavement on the promenade is a bit rough, but my wheels managed. At the end near Floisvos, there is a bit of rough asphalt, where I misjudged a bit of it and took a dive. Nothing serious though, not even a scratch. I enjoyed the fresh air and the physical exercise. When I sat in the bus I noticed that I was sweated through and in need of a shower - I hope I didn't annoy my fellow passengers too much.

I'll probably do this again. It's a good way to get a bit of exercise in Athens where the sea brings a bit of clean air. Once or twice a week shouldn't be too difficult. Now in winter the promenade isn't too crowded, in summer it would be impossible to pass with a skateboard with all the athenians going for an evening stroll there.

1: At first we tried Darwin Streaming Server, which wouldn't move on the swerver, because it needed a newer version of a library. Then we tried Icecast. We had more trouble to compile the ogg and vorbis libraries, but in the end following the advice from the error message actually helped :-). Getting a broadcaster up and running was the next challenge. That's where I had enough and started for home, while Manos persisted and got everything up and running after I had left. He called me while I was still in the bus, when I came home I "tuned in" to his mini net radio station.

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Re: Longboarding the Coast Line

im gonna be going to athens for a bit and i am toying with the idea of bringing a board to cruise on. Is it worth the extra wieght on my pack? is athens skate friendly?

email me back at if you can

Posted by: josh at May 02,2007 08:09
Re: Longboarding the Coast Line

Hi Josh!

No, I wouldn't say that Athens is overly skate friendly. There are some nice skate spots (I hear) for the people who jump around and do tricks, but for cruising, it's kind of hard.

Traffic is very dense and aggressive, and the streets are full of potholes and spots with *very* bad concrete. About the only place I know where you really can cruise for any longer distance is on the coastline from Faliron to Kalamaki, but even there you need very big and soft wheels, as a lot of it has little stone plates -- gives good massage to your legs though :-)

Hope this helps!

Posted by: betabug at May 02,2007 09:14
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