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21 January 2007

Lake Sunday

Evening games, another walk, coming home

I'm back home, a bit tired, but happy for a well spent weekend. Saturday evening we stayed at the hotel, occupied the restaurant and played silly games. This morning I wanted to go down to the lake, so after breakfast I asked around for people to join me. Everybody was tired or uninterested, but Debbie (who had gone up to the mountain group with me the day before). So the two of us went on, found the path to the lake and walked a good length on the shore line. If I hadn't gone down to see the lake I would have missed something. Lake pictures coming tomorrow.

We came back to everybody packing up and leaving. Most of us went for another long lunch, then we went on the road back to Athens. The ride was fast and uneventful, traffic not as thick as I had feared. Went home the last hop with the Metro, back in the thick crowds of the city.

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