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27 January 2007

Two Days in the Cold

What happened so far

Thursday morning my friend Panos had given me a lift to the airport, where I boarded the flight to Munich. With me I carried a big cardboard box (provided by my friend Thanassis), which sheltered my "new" PowerMac G4 server on the way to his new home. I expected lots of trouble with taking this on as luggage, but neither the Airport, nor Lufthansa had any problems. In Munich we transported the box through snow and ice to Eleni's place, where I had some time to relax, before we went on the next adventure: Getting the box to Ulm, and seeing if it would start up...

As a sidenote I should mention that in Germany winter has arrived (a bit late) with snow and cold. We had to carry the box through lots of snow and half-melted snow. When we went to the central train station we noticed with an uneasy feeling that almost all the trains were delayed (up to 50 minutes), some even cancelled. Our schedule was to go to Ulm, where we would have about 2 hours to get to the location of (the club who would house my machine for a small fee), install it, then get back to the train station. A 50 minute delay would have made that timeplane hard to impossilbe to keep.

In the end we were lucky that our train departed with only 5 minutes delay (and gathered a total of 15 minutes delay on the way). Took a taxi to avoid carrying the box for half an hour, and then we were at the place. The buildings entrance door was open, but then we got stuck. We couldn't find Herby, the clubs cashier who had told us he would be there. Turns out he had sent me a mail right before I left, stating that he would be rehearsing with his country band in the next room and we should bang on the window. I did not get that mail because at the time I had already packed up the server.

Right about when I was going into full panic mode, the group's practice room door opened and Herby emerged. Things started to turn around. It didn't take me long to get the machine set up and run the script that set up the network settings. In the club's social room I sat at a Linux box and did the further setup from a more comfortable position. I was feeling much more easy and we went back through the cold to return to Munich. It was about 3 in the morning when we got to sleep.

The next day (Friday) we slept late, no wonder. Somewhere about midday, I did some further setup on the server, amongst other things I reset the clock one hour back (from Athens time to Zurich time). That might have been the reason for the next adventure: We then went on for some shopping and eating out at a bavarian restaurant, and when we came back the server couldn't be reached any more. It had lost all connectivity. I checked various theories and came to the conclusion that only my machine had a problem. Lucky me Paul from happened to be in the club room and he rebooted the G4 (thanks!). After last November's trouble I had a little shock from that episode. But so far it seems things have worked out.

In the evening we met some friends of Eleni at a small greek restaurant. I'm not too much after greek food in Germany (most of those places are just terrible), but it was a nice evening, because some people where playing music. With a guitar, a bouzouki, and a baglama they were playing old rembetika songs. The place was small, seating maybe 25 people with no room to spare. The atmosphere was very familiale, and I enjoyed the evening. Again we came home late and I almost froze my butt off on the way home, but the music was worth it.

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