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29 January 2007

Back from Munich

A few pix

Now that I'm back from Munich, I got some pix from my phone cam for your pleasure, two of them show my server, while the third one show's Munich with the snow already melting...

Thanks to Thanasis the G4 was properly packaged and ruggedized in the original packaging. But even then it got heavy to carry between stops. It also took up a lot of space, for example here in the train from Munich to Ulm.

Here we see the server happily in his new home, next to all the boring PC hardware. I think it makes a good figure. I've marked it with a red arrow, in case some of my readers don't know the looks of a G4 :-)

This is a street scene from Munich (you can see the Olympia Tower in the background). As this was on Sunday, the snow that tormented me for those 4 days was already melting away. It had started to snow a few days before I arrived and started to melt away the day I left, so I have every right to take this personally!


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Re: Back from Munich

Hmm .... I wonder what the note near the power button says?
"Can't touch this!!"
/me dances to MC Hammer beatz

P.S. I think you've got a typo on "and ruggedized in the orginial packaging", shouldn't it say original?

Posted by: Rodolfo Gouveia at January 30,2007 09:38
Re: Back from Munich

Thanx Rodolfo, I corrected the smelling pistake now!

The note just gives the server name / IP / owner contact. Every machine has to have that or they'll pull the network cable out to see who will come screaming... a simple way to identify a server's owner :-)

Posted by: betabug at January 30,2007 09:46
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