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30 January 2007

Lake Plastira Pictures

A view on the water

Last weekend the Graphics Garage Team went on an excursion to Lake Plastira (Λίμνη Πλαστήρα) in northern Greece. I took some pictures (with my usual crappy phone camera) and made some of my (again usual) panorama pictures...

Saturday we went into the wood. It looks like we met some wood elves in the enchanted forrests around the lake.

A view on the lake from outside the bungalows of our Hotel "Ktima Alonaki". This was taken on Saturday (if I recall correctly) - it's hard to tell because the weather was great all the weekend. The lake is artifical, as can be seen from the dam in the picture below.

On Sunday I went with a walk down to the lake together with Debbie. There is a place like a beach where we rested and took some pictures.

Another montage shot taken from the same place, a bit closer to the waterline. The waterline is low this year, not much rain or snow. The weather wasn't like winter at all either, I had taken a warm jacket with me, and was still sweating while carrying it over my arm.

Towards the end of Sunday's excursion we had a good view of the dam. Later that day on the way home we drove over the dam.

We met some shepherds with goats and big barking dogs on the Sunday walk. The goats (and few sheep) roamed through the trees on the lake shore.


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