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03 March 2005

Telephone Malady

Yes, it happened to me too

This morning the hinge on my Treo 270c broke. The Treo is a mobile phone / palm combo device. It had a useable keyboard for me, no number pad phonedial typing. And also it offered an ssh client TopGun ssh and pilOTP (which is a "one time password" generator).

The reason for the broken hinge is the same as with all of those little machines: That hinge is just not built to last. The problem was recognized for a long time by Handspring, the maker of the Treos. Now that Handspring was bought up by PalmOne, all such support is gone. PalmOne does not even list the Treo 270 on their European website any more. Someone trying to forget?

I will try to fix the machine as best as I can. No parts to be found on the Internet, probably since everybodies Treo 270 broke at the same hinge. Buying a new fancy phone right now is also not in the question. The times when I had a good swiss salary are long gone. It's not so easy to buy new electrical toys for me now. On the other hand the support of greek characters on the Treo is nonexistant, but I could live with greeklish if I had pilOTP.

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