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09 February 2007

Ouch... another Server Outage

Got stuck

The rough times keep coming in. This morning I wanted to check my mails and couldn't connect to Looks like the machine got stuck somewhere after midnight. Lucky me, someone of the helpful people from IN-Ulm came by and rebooted the box a couple of hours later. As for the reason, there was nothing useful in the logs, it looked like the machine had just frozen up at that time. Very bad, especially as this has happened before, right after the server move. I was *very* gloomy in the morning due to this, my mood improved during the day though.

I'm now getting the system to an up-to-date OpenBSD -stable (for those who know what that means :-), maybe that helps. If not I will at least need something that lets me remote reboot the box, or look into other hardware. Besides, I should stop taking my hobby server so serious.

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