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12 February 2007

Wish You Were in Athens

Pink Floyd in Zografou

This weekend I've been listening a lot to "Wish you were here" from Pink Floyd. That album I had been listening to as a kid, when I was very, very young, at the very edge of my ability to remember things. Must have swept into my subconscious there, as I seem to know most of the tunes and riffs to a strange level. It's like driving on a road where I had driven many, many times before (but a long time back) - I seem to remember every turn and pothole, but only ever in the last instance or even after the fact. Still I like the record a lot and have been listening to it on the way to work this morning.

Listening to Pink Floyd while walking from Zografou to the bus on Vassilissis Sofias is a strange experience. Spherical guitars as backdrop to the weeks market with the smell of oranges and earth (smells are very intensive right now, because it had rained all yesterday and the night). Walking through traffic jams to "welcome to the machine", right.

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