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14 February 2007

ZWiki Code Contributions

Doing a start

Yesterday I started to look more into contributing patches and bugfixes to ZWiki. As I start to feel more confident in Zope hacking, I feel I can maybe contribute something for the first time. So yesterday I went through the steps on the page, installed darcs and set it up. Easy. Sent in my first patches too.

Instant gratification: My patches appear on the "zwiki repo summary page". Browsing through that commit list made me want to contribute even more. ZWiki is such a great product and so far it's all been Simon's work, blood and sweat! He really could use more contributions!

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Re: ZWiki Code Contributions

Oh, we must qualify that - over the lifetime of the project many people have contributed small changes, and a few have made large contributions - not to mention the zope/cmf/plone/*structuredtext platform zwiki uses, and the bug tracking, testing, occasional donations and bounties etc. And yes, repo and wiki history shows the vast majority of commits and maintenance have been by me, and I would love to have more contributors and collaborators.

Congrats to you on stepping up and becoming the second authenticated zwiki darcs committer!

Posted by: simon at February 16,2007 03:37
Re: ZWiki Code Contributions

Thanks for ping-ponging back the compliment Simon! I sure hope I can contribute more, even though experience tells me that I can make free time only sporadically.

Working with ZWiki is interesting, because at the one time it's a finished product that works and is usefull, on the other it has enough things to be done, like those 5 minute bug fixes I did so far :-)

Posted by: betabug at February 17,2007 08:03
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