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22 February 2007

Zwiki Bugday this Friday?

Anybody in to smoke out those little buggers?

Got some "free to play" time at work (yay my boss!). This Friday (tomorrow) would be a nice chance to make a Zwiki bugday, like Simon used to organize a few times. Anybody in for it? I would be at it from 10 in the morning till 18:30 in the Afternoon (GMT+2).

The is full of stuff that needs sorting out. Even if you don't know much Zope/Python programming you could help by going through the issues, try to reproduce them, add instructions how to reproduce them and feedback into the comments. If you *do* know python/zope hacking, patches, comments, hints are of course welcome!

So, what do you think? Join us at #zwiki on, comment on or or leave a comment here!

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