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27 February 2007

Someone Smashed my Car!

Gotta take the bus now :-(
Someone smashed my car

Update: It was a joke, I don't own a car... see comments below

Look what I saw this morning when I came out of my home: Someone had smashed into my car (that was parked on the corner, should have taken it into my parking, but it was late when I came home from the club). There wasn't even a note saying "sorry" or something, no phone number, anything. It's not as much that I'll have to run for the insurance company now, but I'll be forced to take a taxi or (gasp!) the bus to get into town!

I wonder if it's worth to fix it at all, I mean, who wants to drive a sportscar if you know it had looked like this before? Maybe better buy a new one right away.

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Re: Someone Smashed my Car!

Sorry to read about that... What i don't understand is why the culprit didn't leave a note with a phone number or so.

Some years ago I had an accident with my old car, because of some mud on the street. I lost control of the car and finally I ended smashed against a parked car on the street. I called a crane car to pick up my car, and I left a note with my phone on the other car's windscreen, so the owner could get in contact with me when he/she/it find his/her/its car crashed.

It is a matter of don't do whatever you want them to do to you...

Posted by: Wu at February 27,2007 11:45
Re: Someone Smashed my Car!

OK, Wu, I hate to ask this question now, but it looks like I have to: Where were you this night? Anywhere near my car? You know we are friends, we can talk about everything. If there is anything you need to tell me, just talk to me!

Posted by: betabug at February 27,2007 12:31
Re: Someone Smashed my Car!

Could be a case of SBCS (Self-Busting Car Syndrom)? I heard german cars are particularly vulnerable to it.

Posted by: Saad at February 27,2007 14:38
Re: Someone Smashed my Car!

Saad: "vulnerable"? German cars are proud of SBCS! They have the best SBCS in the world, german workmanship like.

Posted by: betabug at February 27,2007 14:42
Re: Someone Smashed my Car!

mmmm.. eerrrm... you know.. I was in the nearby, and... :D

Posted by: Wu at February 27,2007 19:02
Re: Someone Smashed my Car!

Hey wait a minute! In your profile, you say that you don't have a car or a TV? Is this perhaps an imaginary car with imaginary SBCS? Maybe it's all an illusion :)

Posted by: Kat at March 01,2007 22:44
Re: Someone Smashed my Car!

Kat, what can I say?... BUSTED!!!!

OK, people, for those who don't know me and therefore didn't get it: It was all a joke! I don't even have a car, not to mention any luxury sports cars. Sorry if this confused, enraged, disillusioned any of you!

Posted by: betabug at March 02,2007 07:50


Posted by: bitch at April 27,2007 21:18
Re: Someone Smashed my Car!

y did u ly ur just sellfish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cow

Posted by: jason at July 23,2008 10:45
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